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Fashion Shoes

Fashionable footwear occupies a prominant place in our life. Costume is the other factor that contributes a lot to one's fashion. Dress Shoes can ultimately change your appearance with its high fashion. Now a days new fashionable models are introduced daily.

Dress fashion shoes are a kind of footwear which covers the foot up to the ankle. These shoes look stylish and also gives protection to the foot.

Characteristics of Fashion Shoes

An accent is provided on the both sides of your shoe and it is well stitched. This offers you comfort and increases the life span of your shoes. A dual-density midsole is present in order to reduce the heel strike stress.

  • The shoes are stitched double times therefore the life of your shoe is increased.
  • The outsole provided in this shoe offers excellent traction and prevents you from slippage.
  • You will have additional stability while walking with these shoes.
  • The midsole and outsole layer is made up of a soft leather and single density polyurethane.

Latest Features

This is one of the exotic and stylish dress slip-on shoes. Dress type fashion shoes are made up of distress premium leather. This shoe is flexible and it will bend according to your foot, which helps to reduce the stress that arises due to longtime wear.

  • A perfect dot accent is present in this shoe for a breezy wing-tip look.
  • The inner portion of this shoe is lined by smooth leather and an elastic panel is provided on the double sides of your shoe.
  • A smooth flat dress leather outsole with traction pads is present near the cushioned insole.
  • These fashion dress shoes are made up of smooth calf leather or smooth suede combined with embossed leather in a dressy loafer style.
  • The overlays provided in this shoe is very smooth.
  • An accent is provided on both sides of this shoe. When bicycling this accent plays a major role, because it is made up of hinged metal instep covered by leather.

Materials integrated in manufacture of Fashion Shoes

Fashion dress shoes are made up of various materials like leather, rubber etc. These materials are used in these shoes depending upon the raw material and the climatic conditions. Leather is being the principal material for making these shoes.

One of the most important shoe making material is the synthetic rubber, because it provides hardwearing, waterproof soles. Plastics are also used in these shoes, especially in the upper portion of these shoes.

Buying guide for Fashion Shoes

Instead of repeated spending on buying a new shoe or replacing damaged fashion shoes, you can buy the best quality shoes. It also prevents you from unnecessary foot odor.


While buying your shoe see that if there is any exposed spot, because these can cause a lot of discomfort. Leather sole makes your walking easier and these are usually tanned to make it more lasting.


The shoes that are made up of proper leather will make you to feel rich and supple. Normally, all the leather hides naturally have blemishes or scars on them. The durability varies for high and low quality leather. In some shoes, sealant products can hide the blemishes present on your shoes.


Heel is one of the important aspects while buying the shoes. Best cushioning effect as well as sustainable support are rendered by the heels. Among people, it is their shoes which reflect their attitude and speak their style.

Leather fashion shoes are in vogue and this fashion trend of leather is being observed, as the funkiest footwear will never fade. All the above information should be kept in mind while buying dress type fashion shoes.

Care information about Fashion Shoes

  • Clean your shoes, if dust is present, using soft brush or soft towel.
  • If your shoes are of more dust you should wash it properly.
  • Wash your shoes with mild soap or cream in order to prevent your shoe from dust.
  • If any dirt or strains is present in the sole of your shoes, remove the sole and clean it properly. Make your shoes dry as soon as possible after wash.
  • If your shoes are wet, there is a chance of formation of microorganisms like fungus or bacteria.
  • Normally, these microorganisms are not produced in the hot areas but it forms in the warm or moist areas. So dry your shoes as soon as possible.
  • Finally, you can keep your dress type fashion shoe looking and feeling new with replacement parts.


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